Dark Crusades


Dragon Rider
color test on older model

Drow Priestess

color test on older model


Dark Crusades Warrior
1 million poly head plus texture and bump map



3d face sculpture
older head model




Sea Beast by MN8

4 million poly nex gen character with hand painted texture and bump map


Enkai Halo game map
"Enkai was a popular underground custom map created for Halo CE for The Tenth Legion and was our first complete game map with complete geometry,
new weapons with new sounds and weapon fire graphics,
teleporters with custom animations, and custom vehicles. We actively
tied into the Bungie 3d community
as the concept of a Star Wars "type" map had alot of appeal to the custom Halo map playing community.
My modeling and knowledge has came along way since then, and now there are Next-Generation Game Design Engines available,
and future 3d custom content and games will just be outrageous"



simple subdivision lo-res model


Maya Model



Maya Model



All models above are mostly unfinshed models used to learn modeling better.
The best is yet to come, with several very complex Works In Progress,
and I am constantly learning new 3d software and modeling, texturing, and animation techniques.