Yaki Chief - Sonne Reyna
October 13 th -16 th 2006

We got back from 5 Days, in prayer, ceremony, sweat lodge, and teachings with Yaki Indian Chief -Sonne Reyna.

The message: Honoring the female Goddess, Healing the Yin within the male.

The men of this earth are killing ...It is time for the men to stop the bloodshed forgive and support and respect the women and children, and be the lovers that they are and not fighters.

The days of fighting are over; bloodshed to our bothers and sisters is never the answer. The days of Loving and honoring the Goddess have come upon us...The women are the strong ones who will guide the men and lead the way...The women are the child bearers with enormous pain and suffering, we bleed each month and are the only creature to withstand such pain and suffering. Through our blood we produce and spirit or unborn, this is to be offered to mother earth to help with the universal healing...The men have much anger to resolve, from past present and future dimensions, down the whole linage on both female and male relatives and ancestors...Yin and Yang...The men must group together to help each other and remind each other to be humble and love from the heart, its ok to open up your heart, the women support you to do this...

The women must come together in strength and recognize the goddess in each and every one of us and form groups to help support each other...
The women must stop trying to be like men, but rather come from the divine feminine goddess strength that lies in each and every woman!

The women need strong love from their men not anger or frustration...

Yahete, From my Heart!

Gratitude, Blessings and Love to the Chief for an amazing 5 days, the teachings, love,music, and healings shared...
Thanks to the beautiful Godesses; Issy, Gina and Yeshe.
You are beautiful divine women!

And thanks to our beautiful men, Anthony, Neal, Jamie, and Jeff for bloodletting to help heal the men of our world, and for allowing their hearts to radiate such love, compassion, humility and more love to nurture us and support us.
You are amazing men!

Yahete, From my Heart!