A few years ago we filmed and produced the Flying Crane Chi Gong video with Dr. Woody Swartz. We made a VHS and DVD version and have sold them consistently on, who is one of our distributors, for several years. It was filmed in several locations, and features easy to follow exercises from multiple camera angles, animated illustrations to help practitioners visualize the flow of chi, and text animations to emphasize key points. We created the custom illustrations for the cover, and also created custom music for the video. The video was very successful and has a Ranked Sales number on

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Flying Crane Chi Gong DVD
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Life is defined by chi. Although this invisible force, known only by its effect, is impossible to see, measure or isolate, it is within all of us. All functions of the body and mind are manifestations of Chi. Thru Flying Crane Chi Gong, you can enhance and cultivate your Chi, promoting health and longevity.

This exercise will change your life for the better & allow you to build upon your own innate power. This easy to learn, low impact exercise program works for all ages. It improves flexibility, increases energy, enhances a sense of serenity, boosts the immune system and promotes longevity.

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