Hepburn Spa Mineral Spa and Bathhouse – Daylesford , Australia

Hepburn Spa is a resort mineral spa in Daylesford, Victoria. Its about 90 miles from Melbourne. It has a large natural water area that is famous for the many varieties of mineral waters at the hundreds of natural spring water wells in the area. Hepburn Spa is one of the oldest and most well known mineral spa and bathhouses in the world.

Hepburn Spa Commercial

Initially, Hepburn Spa was interested in Search Engine Optimization, as they were not getting many leads and bookings from the internet. We determined that creating a new website would get much better results, and by designing it very well with a lot of information, impress visitors with the features of the Spa and treatments available.

Shortly after creating and launching their new website, we accomplished first page search engine results on Google and many other search engines for several groups of keywords we were targeting. They experienced a sudden increase of bookings generated in part thru the website. Returning visitors were able to read about different treatments or treatment packages that they may not have know about, and it created additional sales.

You can visit their website here: http://hepburnspa.com.au/

Hepburn Spa: Australia's Largest Spa

Hepburn Spa Website

Within 3 months of completing the website, Hepburn Spa asked me to produce a 15 second Television commercial in PAL format to air on local cable to promote the Spa. This was their first television commercial. They provided custom photography shot at the Spa, and we wrote a short promo piece. Eluv created custom music for this commercial as well. We were able to produce a very nice, low budget commercial. The results were very good, and generated more bookings and revenues for the spa, and helped to continue public awareness of the spa in new ways.

Animation and Post Production: Anthony Bonnet (MN8)
Music and Voice-Overs: Elise Zotos, “Eluv” (MN8)

"In creating our new website, MN8 Multimedia, gave our 110 year old company a complete facelift and dramatically increased the throughput of clients who visited our Spa. Ours is an increasingly competitive industry. As the largest Spa in Australia, we rely on hi volume customer visitation. The impact of MN8's site to our business was immediate and helped grow our business. Our clients loved the animation, music and ease of use. The layout was logical and encouraged bookings to our Spa. They were professional and a pleasure to work with, even given the long distance and time zone between Australia and the US. Since creating our site, we commissioned MN8 to produce a 15 second TV commercial which screened on Australian free-to-air television. We cannot speak more highly of this talented and innovative company."


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