MTV Show Bumpers

We were subcontracted by MTV to help create show package animations for one of their “Lightswitch” campaigns. These campaigns are when MTV does a massive overhaul of on-air graphics and imagery, and changes their on-air show bumpers, and promos for the different programming that they produce. It is always a busy time at MTV and a good time to be called in as a subcontracter when they need help, but projects have very tight deadlines.

MTV 120 MinutosWe were provided with four very detailed vector (E.P.S.) illustrations by renown Australian designers from They create very “pop”, vibrant characters, illustrations, designer toys, and other products, but do not do broadcast animation. So, the flattened artwork arrived into my hands, to animate every item possible, and rebuild parts of the character illustrations so that we could fully animate the parts (such as eyes, wings, legs, etc…) It ended up being necessary to re-create almost all of the parts of the illustrations, so that the eyes could blink, mouths could animate, and the arms, legs, and wings and such could move.

MTV VideoramaWe created four 5 second TV bumpers to be used as show intros and outros for the show “Videorama”. At first we were hired only for animation and post production, but Eluv produced a soundtrack for the first 5 second animation I was creating to help me in the animation process. When they heard it, they loved it, and wanted to hear what she would do musically for the other animations. Eluv created the music from scratch, and it proved to be an interesting challenge to create four soundtracks that were basically 5 second songs with some sound effects. Yet each audio piece fit the illustration and animation perfectly, and MTV choose to use all the music we created on-air.

MTV Videorama2Animation and Post Production: Anthony Bonnet (MN8)
Art Director: Diego Gonzalez (MTV)
Producer: Omar Acosta (Scartissue)
Music and Sound Engineer: Elise Zotos, “Eluv” (MN8)
All images copyright MTV and Jeremyville. All Rights Reserved.

MTV VideoSomnia