Payment Ranger - Logo Development and Promotional DVD video

Payment Ranger is a new client that came to us in need of promotional materials for an invention they had patented. They were presenting this invention at NADA, the National Auto Dealers Association Tradeshow in Las Vegas earlier this year. They sell their invention and services directly to auto dealers as a device to help the dealers sell more cars, and needed additional, improved, marketing materials.

In only a short amount of time, we created a new look and feel for their corporate Identity with a new logo, powerful corporate colors, new business card designs, and an animated trade show video to project at their booth. The video consisted of a high impact 45 second commercial segment, followed by a more down tempo 2 minute “attract loop” with animated text sales messages and listings of key product benefits, with an ambient music soundbed.

By using two distinct video sections, looping every 3 minutes became less obvious, and more enjoyable for visitors to the trade booth. While the sales representatives were speaking to other interested visitors, our video helped communicate the complex benefits of this new product to anyone within ear-shot of the booth. Audio levels were kept at a medium level, so that the sales reps could easily speak to visitors over the video.

By keeping the promotional video short, we also delivered our entire sales message to more people in this high-traffic tradeshow. Passing visitors who were interested but wanted to speak later, were able to get an idea about the product, and take an ad with them with the Payment Ranger contact information.

We used a combination of 3d and 2d animation, illustration, voice-overs, and custom music that we created just for this project. We also made some high impact sound effects from scratch, to add impact to the presentation. The 3d car models were animated in Autodesk Maya, and 2d animation and compositing was done with Adobe After Effects. Audio design was done by Eluv with Reason, Cubase, and Wavelab.

We also designed trade show banners for the Payment Ranger booth, and a product flyer with sales imaging and contact information. The client was very happy with the work, and the marketing materials we prepared for them, especially the short two-week deadline we were able to complete the project in. They thanked us for thinking of some of the materials they needed, such as banners, but had not yet identified before we started on their project.

You can visit Payment Ranger's website at