Its a sad fact, but most websites don't do their owners as much good as they could. Even if the design and content is done well, many websites are barely visible on the World Wide Web because the designers didn't include META tags, META descriptions, and many web pages don't even have a page Title or Description. These are the invisible additions to your websites code that help search engines rank and identify your website. Without them you are shooting in the dark, and someone else will reach your customers through the internet first.

Here is a small screenshot of a website's META TAGS. If you look at your websites source code and don't see META TAGS, your website is not performing as well as it could.

Meta Tags

Many sites also use poorly performing code, like frames, which hurts their search engine rankings. Poor web code can even invalidate a website on search engines such as Google, which uses automated "web spiders" to crawl sites for content.

Today, a business can open itself to the global market of over 6.5 Billion consumers. With a good product and good marketing, a lot of money can be made via the internet. Traditionally, most substantial businesses were brick and mortar, meaning that the business was located in an office or storefront.

Nowadays, a successful internet business can usually be set up for a lot less money than a brick and mortar business, and has the potential to create a lot more revenues than a business that can only reach a few hundred, or few thousand potential customers. But just as in a brick and mortar business, advertising and exposure help to drive sells, and should not be neglected. Trusting your internet business to someone without the experience to properly prepare a website for maximum exposure in the Search Engines can be a disaster that can negate all the positive things you do. There have been thousands of great sites that have barely been seen because they are not Search Engine Friendly, and no thought was given to Search Engine Optimization.

'Building a website without any Search Engine Optimization is like constructing a very nice house, and then building a poor roof, with used lumber and shingles, that leaks when it rains.'

The global economy has opened in the last few decades. Barriers to trade have virtually been eliminated. If you have a good product, you can share it with the entire world.

This website is made with CSS and XHTML, two newer technologies which produce much cleaner code than using tables and frames for layout. This also produces better search engine rankings in Google. You can improve your rankings by changing the layout of your site to CSS and XHTML, which also integrates better with PhP, MySQL, and WordPress.