With Sound and Qi Gong Healing.

Wellness, beauty and longevity are all a matter of balancing energy.

Qi is the power behind all transformations within the mind, body, and spirit. Qi is often defined as universal energy, Ki, Prana, Hado, or Chi and is the ultimate balancer that controls our inner and outer beauty, vitality and wellness.

Qi can detoxify, cleanse, uplift, soothe and heal; and is the powerful force behind shifting away from disease and towards health and vitality. Music and Qi Gong are modalities based on the principles of shifting, reforming and cultivating Qi that can easily be used for therapeutic treatment applications as well as self-cultivation and self-healing. Both modalities effortlessly bring treatments to profoundly deeper levels of healing and effectiveness by shifting energy of the body towards a balanced state, where cellular repair and immune function are elevated, and the body's natural healing capabilities are awakened and stimulated.

Working internally to externally, these holistic and non-invasive modalities support all Spa treatments. Benefits of working with balancing internal energy (Qi) include increased blood circulation; increased oxygen flow and energy flow to internal organs, and unblocking the energy channels throughout the body. Increased relaxation of muscles naturally alleviates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the renewal of collagen and elastin production through internal energy activation.

Unique to other treatments, using Qi Gong and Sound benefit both the practitioner and the client. Increase your own health and revenue per treatment while offering clients the ultimate anti-aging beauty treatment that truly makes a difference both internally and externally. Learn how to bring the opportunity and experience of transformation, balance and radiant beauty for each of your clients to embrace.

Course Description:

Learn how to use sound and Qi Gong as tools for both the practitioner and the client. Sound is a universal language, an ancient tool for healing, meditation, spiritual practice and the celebration of life. Qi Gong is an ancient energy cultivation and longevity practice from China . Qi Gong consists of a series of exercises in the form of rhythmical movements, breathing, intention and meditation. Importance is emphasized on the state of mind and body of the practitioner and preparation prior to working on each client. Attendees will participate in easy to learn Sound and Qi Gong healing techniques, and pre client preparation for their own self-healing and Spa applications. Participants will experience first hand the power of Sound and Qi Gong therapeutic applications. No prior experience necessary.

Therapeutic Application of Sound and Qi Gong in the Spa.

Presentation Outline: Tools for the Practitioner

•  Introduction to Qi

•  Preparing and Clearing your Space

•  Qi Gong for cleansing, clearing, increased vitality and energy

•  The power of the Voice as a healing tool

•  Crystal Bowls and other instruments

•  The use of pre recorded music

•  Guided Imagery, Visualization & Meditations

•  Maintaining Vitality, Clarity, Improved circulation and Qi

Goal of Presentation:

The goal of this presentation is open up possibilities and create new paradigm within the role of the practitioner in today's Spa. Using sound and Qi Gong can not only open up new sources of revenue, but also increase the health and vitality of both the practitioner and client. The ultimate goal is to shift now, and awaken our innate ability to heal and radiate beauty from within. The goal is also to stimulate your creativity and confidence in your own ability to create and perform new and unique treatments that will set you apart from other industry professionals.

This presentation will enlighten attendees to the many possibilities in creating new and unique treatments incorporating sound with the use of the crystal sonic healing bowls, voice, guided imagery and Qi Gong.