Sony 2006 NAB Promos

We post produced this promo video for Sony for the NAB, National Assiociation of Broadcasters, trade show in Las Vegas in 2006 to help promote Sony's new High Definition broadcast equipment. The project was produced and directed by Mario Behr at Green Dot Advertising, and MN8's job was animation, post production, audio design and audio engineering. You can see the full spot in our Featured Projects section above, its the third video.

The video was part of a promotional campaign that begin with an email of the event to Latin and Portuguese Video Production Studios. The recipient would receive a promotional email, click an embedded link, and view the promo video on a webpage that is designed to appear like a HD monitor playing the content. As the video ends, it prompts viewers to register for special tradeshow seminars and events at the Sony booth during NAB, and informs them of the dates of NAB.

Sony NAB Promos

Green Dot wrote the copy and produced the storyboards calling for a 3D rubik's cube with the multiple versions of Sony's High Definition products as logos placed upon the cube's faces. “The multiple faces of Sony HD” was the concept, showing one side of the cube at a time, and one level of Sony's HD products, from HDV, to Cinealta and XDCam. It concludes with all the Sony logos on one side with a white background color, showing the various flavors of Sony HD.

Eluv created the high impact music soundtrack and sound effects in-house. We created the 3d rubik's cube with Autodesk Maya, and finished compositing and 2d animation with After Effects. We also output high resolution 3d renders for use in very large print banners, and other print promotionals. We produced a Spanish and Portuguese version.

Animation and Post-Production: Anthony Bonnet (MN8)
Director & Producer: Mario Behr (Green Dot)
Art Director: Gerald DeBruijin (Green Dot)
Music by: Elise Zotos “Eluv” (MN8)