We created this website and Kiosk display for the large telecommunication company Supra Telecom. The project was really interesting, and had a computer display inside a Kiosk display that looked like a surfboard. Supra Telecom put these Kiosks in malls and public places across America to promote their residential and corporate telephony plans.

Supra Telecom

They wanted imagery and animations that were geared towards young consumers, with an emphasize on fun, and active lifestyles. On ever page of the presentation, we took active lifestyle photos, and created vector animations over them.

As the Kiosks played all day in public areas, they asked us to create a custom music soundtrack that would draw people over to the Kiosk, yet that was pleasant enough that people wouldn't get annoyed if they heard it all day. Eluv created an 8 minute soundtrack that looped continuously. If no one interacted with the Kiosk, it would just play. When someone did interact with it, her voice-over loops would play perfectly over the music for a high impact presentation. Supra Telecom loved the work and the music so much, that they licensed the music for other uses as well.

You can visit this website here: Supra Telecom

Supra Telecom Kiosk