Client Testimonials

Dear Anthony,

I can't tell you how pleased I am about the creative job you did for me in developing my website. It is very professional, and I have received a lot of complements from people who have visited my web site. What I liked best of all was your willingness to be there to hold my hand all the way through the process. As you know I was very nervous when I began working with you, because I had no idea of how websites were done, but you made me feel so at ease and comfortable and instructed me step by step through my part of the process.

Thank you so much for your support, your dedication to excellence, for a super website and for your encouragement.

Yours truly,
Roseanna Ellis
Long Branch, New Jersey

In creating our new website, MN8 Multimedia, gave our 110 year old company a complete facelift and dramatically increased the throughput of clients who visited our Spa. Ours is an increasingly competitive industry. As the largest Spa in Australia, we rely on hi volume customer visitation. The impact of MN8's site to our business was immediate and helped grow our business. Our clients loved the animation, music and ease of use. The layout was logical and encouraged bookings to our Spa. They were professional and a pleasure to work with, even given the long distance and time zone between Australia and the US. Since creating our site, we commissioned MN8 to produce a 15 second TV commercial which screened on Australian free-to-air television. We cannot speak more highly of this talented and innovative company.


Dear Mr. Bonnet:

SAB Records would like to thank you and MN8 Multimedia for all the wonderful work you performed creating our Official Website and CD artwork. Your attention to detail was impeccable and the artwork performed for our artist DeLyn's debut CD Cover was just as impressive. We have received many positive comments from industry professionals regarding the work MN8 multimedia performed creating our website & album cover. The response from national radio & distribution companies has been nothing but positive. Very professional! Keep up the great work and thanks again for an awesome job!

Best regards,
Cory Jacobs
SAB Records
Tampa, FL

Choosing the right firm to build my corporate identity and launch my publicity campaign was quite a difficult task to say the least. In retrospect,  I can honestly say that choosing MN8 Multimedia was one of the most prudent decisions I've ever made.

Aside from the quality of their final product their personalized approach to business has to be their most defining asset for me. Instead of being just another client they treated me as their top priority. Throughout the entire campaign I was continuosly updated and consulted. Every aspect of our detailed campaign plan was right on point.

My website has consistantly received more hits each consecutive month since it's inception.  The MP3 integration is seemless and has become the focal point in driving cliental to my site. Everytime I send promotional packages to potential promotors it's almost guaranteed that they always ask me who built my site and designed my CD covers.

I highly recommend MN8 Multimedia and will continue to do so.  Their ability to build a quality campaign and to do it to the highest standards is evident through my site. I continue to use their services because it's because of them I am where I am today.

DJ Becha
Miami, FL

The site speaks for itself...  it is beautiful and perfectly done. My experience with MN8 has been dedicated and authentic, and I am grateful for all of the amazingly intuitive work... true artists and professionals.  Above and beyond my expectations...

Andrew Clark
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation.  Andrew sent me a copy of the edited version of your dolphin video.  WOW!  I was absolutely mesmorized and entrained immediately and all the way through! I watched it several times and each time seemed more captivating!

Anthony, the editing you did on this version from the first is impeccable. There was not a single moment of lull time between the dolphin scenes. Really, really on!  Perfect! Elise, wow the music you created for this was so fluid and smooth.  My the deep heartbeat under the melody.  So beautiful, I felt nurtured and held like in the water of the womb. Thank you both for all your time, energy, creativity and love that you put into this.  What a gift this is.

Blessings of Joy, Love and Abundance to you both.

Jennifer Jacobs
Salt Lake City, Utah