In 2000, we created a multimedia website for one of the first ever 24/7 live internet radio stations. The site was so popular that it got international press coverage. The website won the coveted "Shockwave Site of the Day" and the "CNN Internet Site of the Day." CNN did a segment on The Womb, that was broadcast all over the United States, and featured captured video of the animated flash website and the website content. Rolling Stone magazine also did a feature over The Womb, and internet radio that showed off some of our graphic design. The amount of free press The Womb gained from having an outstanding website and a unique concept was amazing. This showed us that if you do an excellent job, it easily pays for itself.

The Womb

The Womb website features video of audio feeds of live DJs broadcast from their South Beach, Florida studios 24 hours a day.

We were asked to create the front end of The Womb website, the graphics, the Flash Intro, animations, and HTML programming. They programmed the content. A few years ago, The Womb changed over ownership, and a new website replaced the award winning site we created. You can see the some of the original work we did in 2000 (all the graphics, flash, and programming), without the content and full functionality here: The Womb.

The Womb website