We created this website for physical therapist and trainer, Roseanna Ellis. Roseanna is an amazing person who has helped many people with overwhelming disabilities, injuries, and physical and mental ailments. Among other things, she practices EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, a therapy developed by Gary Craig that has helped thousands of people.

Well Again

Roseanna is a prolific writer, and has written many published articles about helping people, and her successes with patients. This were printed in a variety of newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and published on various other websites. We were able to put all those years of written articles to work for her, and put her articles up on her own website. Now when someone is interested in learning more about her, they can visit her website to read all about her, see photos of her working on people, and read her articles.

Besides building her website, we also did photography for Roseanna, and took photos of her working on patients. We also created a Flash animation that shows the EFT acupressure points to assist patients in learning the technique, and created a video for her website that documents one of her amazing successes with a Parkinson's patient that she helped walk again.

You can visit this website here: www.wellagain.net

Well Again Website